Thank you for your interest in the Department of Hospital Pharmacy and Pharmacology at Asahikawa Medical University Hospital.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide optimum pharmacotherapy for patients through innovative and advanced pharmaceutical approach. We seek to provide high-quality pharmaceutical care and work collaboratively in multidisciplinary team to meet the diverse need of patients. We also collaborate with community pharmacies to achieve a seamless care pathway for patients who transfer from hospital to the community setting. We will continue to endeavor and utilize our professional expertise to make positive contributions to the healthcare.






The Department of Hospital Pharmacy and Pharmacology was established following the opening of Asahikawa Medical University Hospital in 1976. Since then, we are consistently evolving to better serve our patients. Over the last three decades, we have developed and adopted innovative technologies and services.


Some of the highlights are;

  • 1990: Introduction of Computerized Prescription Order Entry System
  • 1992: Installation of Automated Dose Dispensing System
  • 1999: First national university hospital to allocate pharmacists on wards

  Automation of Ampule Dispense

  • 2003: Commencement of Medicine Reconciliation for inpatients
  • 2008: Pharmacist Support in Operation Theater
  • 2011: Prescription entry support by pharmacists based on PBPM (Protocol-based Pharmaceutical Management)
  • 2018: QR (quick response) code embedded prescription to store laboratory data


Pharmacy Services

Being an integral member of the healthcare team, we are responsible for providing

  • Dispensing services
  • Ward pharmacy services
  • Outpatient counselling services
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Drug Information services
  • Aseptic dispensing and compounding
  • 24 hours anticancer injection drug mixing
  • Drug distribution and stock control
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Adverse effect monitoring
  • Management of drugs in Clinical Research Support Centre
  • Develop policies and procedures for rational drug use and pharmacotherapy therapy in collaboration with other health care professional


24 Hours Pharmacy Services

The department provides 24 hours of pharmacy service including on weekend and public holidays. As for the outpatient services, the main outpatient pharmacy starts from 8am to 6pm.


Education & Training

We foster an environment designed to advance knowledge and enhance professional development of our staff members. All staff within this department are encouraged to participate in conferences and to publish research-related articles in academic journals. For those staff wanting to pursue further in their academic careers, we support and mentor them to gain PhDs and specialist qualifications. We have our own laboratory facilities and encourage basic research as well as pharmaceutical research. We provide in-house lectures to nursing and medical staff. We are also engaged in educating pharmacy students as an approved provider of clinical placements for pharmacy schools around Hokkaido.


Current certification/specialization acquisition status of our pharmacists;

– Japan Pharmacists Education Center

  • Practical Training Teaching Pharmacist

– Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists

  • Board Certified Pharmacists in Oncology Pharmacy (BCPOP)
  • Board Certified Pharmacists in Infection Control Pharmacy Specialists (BCICPS)
  • Board Certified Pharmacists in Infection Control Pharmacy (BCPIC)
  • Board Certified Pharmacists in Pharmacology during Pregnancy and Lactation (BCPSPPL)

-Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Services

  • JSPHCS-certified Pharmacist Specialist
  • JSPHCS-certified Pharmacist
  • JSPHCS-certified Senior Oncology Pharmacist (JSOP)
  • JSPHCS-certified Oncology Pharmacist (JOP)

-Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  • Board-Certified Supervisor Clinical Pharmacologists
  • Board-Certified Clinical Pharmacologists
  • Board-Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (Pharmacist)

-Japanese Society for Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition

  • Certified Nutrition Support Team Therapist

-Japan Association for Medical Informatics

  • Healthcare Information Technologist (Healthcare IT)

-Certified Board for Diabetes Educators in Japan

  • Certified Diabetes Educator of Japan (CDEJ)

-Japan Society of Developmental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  • JSDPT JPEC Certified Pharmacist in Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

-Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Oncology

  • Accredited Pharmacist of Ambulatory Cancer Chemotherapy (APACC)

(as of 2018.01)


Our department is board-certified to provide the trainings for the followings;

-Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Services

  • Pharmacist Credentialing Program
  • Specialized Pharmacotherapy Certification
  • Oncology Specialization Certification

-Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists

  • Oncology Pharmacotherapy Certification

-The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  • Board Certification Program

-Japan Pharmacist Education Center

  • Community/Hospital pharmacy Placements
  • JPEC Certified Pharmacist in Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

-Council on Pharmaceutical Education:

  • Hospital placements for pharmacy students

(as of 2018.01)


Contact Us

Department of Hospital Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Asahikawa Medical University Hospital, JAPAN

E-mail: pharmacydirector@asahikawa-med.ac.jp