The Institutional Research Office (IRO) at Asahikawa Medical University was
established directly under the President in April 2016.

Our mission is to make contributions towards the university to fulfill its founding principles:
"Nurture medical care professionals and researchers who strive to acquire a high level of knowledge and technique"
"Contribute to medical and welfare improvements rooted in community medicine "

To achieve this, we endeavor to:
~ Conduct research and provide insightful analyses ~
~ Collect and transform institutional data into meaningful information ~
~ Support strategic planning and decision making of the university ~


室長 松本 成史(教授 
Director MATSUMOTO Seiji(Professor)

副室長 井上 裕靖(講師) 
Deputy Director INOUE Hiroyasu(Lecturer

室員 大関 智史(講師
Member OZEKI Satoshi(Lecturer)

室員 笠茂 紗千子(助教)
Member KASAMO Sachiko(Assistant Professor

Administrative Staff

IRO Logo

国立大学法人  旭川医科大学
〒078-8510 旭川市緑が丘東2条1丁目1番1号 
TEL: 0166-68-2291

Institutional Research Office, Asahikawa Medical University
2-1-1-1 Midorigaoka-Higashi, Asahikawa,
078-8510, Japan
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