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Professor Greetings

HARABUCHI, Yasuaki, MD, Ph.D Professor and Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology -
Head & Neck Surgery
Asahikawa Medical University
Yasuaki Harabuchi M.D. PhD.

Welcome to our website.

  Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the Asahikawa Medical University was established in October 1971. I graduated from the university in 1982, and was appointed to the second professor in November 1998. The department opened with only five medical staffs but now there are over 70 medical staffs belong to our department and the associated clinics in Hokkaido, Japan. Since I was assigned, I have been having the education philosophy of the department, “Training humanistic clinicians who have fighting spirit and hot passion in research”. In other words, it is to train doctors who work hard both on clinical works and researches, and for that purpose, I have been teaching our staffs to work as clinicians and researchers considering applications to both medical treatments and researches. I always have been suggesting to them to keep moving forward with high ambition and passion.

  Regarding research, our department has been working to accomplish a translational research from an elucidation of pathogenesis to a development of the new treatment application together with doing international collaboration with some laboratories.
The research theme of our department mainly consists of four main theses:
(1) Mucosal immunology in upper airway - analyses of the tonsillar focal disease, and vaccine formulations of white birch pollinosis and otitis media in childhood.
(2) Molecular oncology and tumor immunology for the head and neck cancers.
(3) Molecular oncology and EBV analysis for nasal NK/T cell lymphoma.
(4) Neurophysiological researches for upper airway and larynx, which our department has conducted for so long.

  We strive to provide the highest standard of medical care for diseases of the ears, nose, throat as well as the head and neck. Most of our staffs have studied abroad to USA and Europe to master advanced clinical technique and research experience. We saw more than 20,000 patients and performed 500 operations every year.
  In addition, one of our important missions also includes training the next generation of the field, and shaping the future of research and medical care in Otolaryngology. Our department consists of young energetic staffs with passion, fighting spirit and faith. We promise to strive hard in a medical treatment and a research to take the important role as specialists in otolaryngology of 21st century.