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Welcome to the Division of Mathematics at Asahikawa Medical University (MAMU) !
Our web pages contain information on our teachings, a list of member with research interests, and information on workshop and seminars.

What's new

              June 20th, 2013: Website was up.
              August 7th, 2013: Book recommendable for students (in Japanese) was released.
              May 15th, 2016: Double Gyroid STL file was released at our research page.
              September 9th, 2016: Book recommendable for students (in Japanese) was released.
              September 13th, 2016: Our paper won the outstanging paper prize.
              October 25th, 2017: Our paper was published in Scientific Reports.
              August 6th, 2019: Our press release ( in Japanese ) about Ashura particles appeared
                                                in Tohoku University and Nikkei.com.
              November 9th, 2020: A public lecture (in Japanese) was given
                                                       at Asahikawa well-being consortium (abstract).


               Professor: Takashi Teramoto (Applied Mathematics)

Contact Us

postal address:   School of Medicine, Asahikawa Medical University,
                              2-1-1-1, Midorigaoka-higashi, Asahikawa 078-8510, Japan
              e-mail:   teramoto   AT   asahikawa-med   DOT   ac   DOT   jp
              weather acccess (in Japanese)