The Message
The Purpose of Asahikawa Medical University Fund and How It Is Spent

The Message

Shaping a Promising and Prosperous Future for the World:
New Challenges for Asahikawa Medical University

Asahikawa Medical University, which looks out on a vast mountain range in the center of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, celebrated its 40th anniversary in November 2013. In Hokkaido, we have been a medical base adhering to the philosophy °»contributing to the improvement of health care and welfare, rooted in regional medicine.°… We have achieved impressive results in education, research, and clinical activities, which would have remained impossible to achieve without the warm support of local people as well as those around the world.

In Hokkaido, we have been facing health care problems such as an uneven distribution of doctors and nurses across our varied landscape, resulting in urban-rural health care gaps. In addition, communities in Hokkaido are aging at a much faster pace than other parts of Japan. It is crucial that we are able to solve these problems.

To reduce urban-rural health care gaps, we established the Telemedicine Center in 1999, the only facility in Japan. Its establishment was made possible by cutting edge information and communications technologies and an eagerness to help people under severe climate conditions in remote parts of this prefecture. The Telemedicine Center has borne fruit and is expected to be a cornerstone for future changes in Japan°«s medical system.

We believe we are now in the position to contribute to the development of health care throughout the world by applying our experience and expertise in telemedicine. We will continue to take on new challenges to shape a promising and prosperous future around the world. In order to do that, we need financial support. We truly appreciate your gift to our fund.

Asahikawa Medical University

The Purpose of Asahikawa Medical University Fund and How It Is Spent

The Purpose of the Fund

To enhance education and research activities at Asahikawa Medical University and to further improve medical treatments and welfare rooted in regional medicine.

How the Fund is Spent

(1) Projects for Financial Support for Education
For students with financial burdens, the fund provides the following types of support:
✓Exemption or partial exemption from tuition fees, entrance fees, and boarding expenses.
✓Tuition loans or scholarships.
✓Grant-in-aid for students°« international activities.
✓Allowance for students with teaching or research assistantships.

(2) Projects for Support for Education and Research
✓Enrichment of the environment for education and research.
✓Grant-in-aid for young researchers and financial support for the promotion of involvement in international conferences.

(3) Projects for Support for Regional Medicine
✓Upgrading of the hospital with advanced medical equipment.
✓Provision of advanced medical care.
✓Support for staff returning to work.
✓Enrichment of in-service training.

(4) Other Projects

°°University Fund Section of General Affairs Department at Asahikawa Medical University
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